Kite center and school Wind-Extreme Egypt Hurghada

We are pleased to announce that since August 2015, our kite school Wind-Extreme carries a branch of the wonderful Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh in the no less wonderful resort - Hurghada.

There are several reasons for this, but the main purpose of our move - to make a kite training more comfortable and safe. Kite spot in Hurghada will help ensure that these two items are 100 percent.

Kite School Wind-Extreme in Hurghada

Kite Wind-Extreme training in Hurghada

Express kite IKO course (6 hours of lessons) - 270USD

This kitesurfing course is suitable for people leading sport lifestyle, snowboarding, skiing, Wijk, winter kite and so on. Classes last for 1.5-3 hours in the day and take 2-4 days. If you do not have enough time to master the desired skills, you can pay the difference in cost between this and the full course of study and study up.

The main, basic IKO course (10 hours) - 400USD

This course is suitable for the majority of students and allows to master all the basic skills of kite surfing and to be fully independent as a rider on the water and on land.

Here you can read how the kite kite teaching in our schools - Kitesurfing Education - step by step description of the process of learning kite . The whole course is described in detail as much as possible!

Private lessons kitesurfing, 1 hour - 50USD

If you want to deal with individual 1 on 1 with an instructor, you can always book a kite hourly sessions.

What do I need to carry on learning - a standard set of beginner, namely, sunscreen and sunglasses, and if you have your own, wetsuit and gidrotapki. All other equipment (as well as suits and sneakers, in the absence of the student) is included in the tuition fee mentioned above. Equipment includes kites, boards, harnesses, Hydro-clothing, helmets, vests, etc.

What is so good this kite spot in Hurghada?

Education Kitesurfing in Hurghada

The wind in the kite school in Hurghada.

Our move from Sharma preceded by reconnaissance sorties in Hurghada and, in our opinion, this spot proved to be a very windy place with excellent performance for riders of all levels, from beginners to Profikom. Wind direction - along the beach or at an angle to the shore. The wind rises in the morning, at 10 am slightly changes direction and aligned, it becomes less impulsive and are guaranteed to blow most of the day.

The water and the bottom of the kite spot in Hurghada

Kite School in Hurghada

The new kite spot in Hurghada is a shallow sandy lagoon, several kilometers. The depth in this picturesque lagoon - 30 cm, shallow beds and plenty of space for activities globally more than a kite spot in Sharm. The bottom is sand in the area, but if you study or entry level kiter, gidrotapki you will not prevent ... some where there are small pieces of coral and rocks.

Kite station Wind-Extreme in Hurghada, Egypt.

Kite station Wind-Extreme in Hurghada

Our kite station in Hurghada is equipped with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable kitesurfing.

At the station there - a storage room for materiel, the compressor for pumping kites, grassy lawn for sunbathing and kite disassembly-assembly, cafe tables and chairs to chill out, a volleyball court. It is also constantly on duty rescue boat into the sea, ready at any moment to come to your aid.

However, if you do not have 7 days on a safari or are not satisfied with the price policy, we offer you to use our daytime kite safari in the Red Sea islands. Thus, we can load the boat in the morning, ride super beautiful kite spot the islands and in the evening tired and happy to go back to your hotel accommodation.