How to get to the kite center
Location of the kite center in Hurghada

How to get to the kite center in Egypt

In this article, we describe on how the easiest way to get to our kite school in Hurghada, and what methods are preferable in a given situation.

Due to limitations on the flights to Egypt the entered Russia reach our kite station in Hurghada was a little harder. But it is not impossible, and not much more expensive.

Three main options for flight - via Istanbul, and through Ukraine via Belarus.

All three options have been tested and a sufficiently large number vetrozavisimyh use them without any problems. Many people are afraid to fly via Istanbul, and Ukraine, they say there may not be allowed (because of the problem of the political situation). But to date, it has not yet been a single case that Russians bought tickets to Egypt would not be allowed to Kiev or Istanbul, for example.

With regard to Belarus, then everything is simple, but it is the main drawback - the cost of the flight. Vouchers and tickets cost from Minsk always much more expensive than in Kiev or Moscow (when sales were not prohibited). Why do so - perhaps this question should be to ask Old Man.

So if you decide to fly via Kiev, then to Kiev you will have to travel by car (again, direct flights between Ukraine and Russia, is not). But for cities located not far from the Ukrainian border, sometimes come to Kiev, a lot easier than, for example, in Moscow. In general, problems with border crossing and customs control in such a trip is not a lot, and especially none of our guests and students complained. By the way, many people in Belarus is so fly (due to the high cost of direct tours from Minsk).

We can help you purchase the tour directly to the hotel, located not far from our kite station. This tour is 7 days usually cost 350-550 dollars per person for the all-inclusive system, here enters and airfares.

If you want to take apartment in Hurghada, then it's no problem, you can buy airline tickets just for the charter flight. At the same time, we also can help you.

Option flight via Istanbul - the easiest, but not the cheapest. Tickets can be monitored through public aggregators such aviaseyls, momndo, skayskanner etc. The most popular carriers in this case - Turkish Airlines and Pegasus.

Upon arrival at Hurghada Airport we can arrange a transfer to your place of residence. Such a transfer is worth an average of $ 10. USA.

How to get to Wind-Extreme kite station in Hurghada

Kite station Wind-Extreme in Hurghada hotels

Now, a bit of information on how to get to our kite station in Hurghada. Our kite school is located right in the middle way between Hurghada and El Gouna, which is an advantage. If there is no wind, you can always 10 minutes to get to the park in the wake of El Gouna, well and in the evening for 20 minutes by a walk in the evening Hurghada.

The road from Hurghada airport to our kite school in just 20 minutes. We can order a taxi for you, which will chtoit no more than 20 dollars.

We are located in the territory (almost running) Hotel Palm Resort, which in turn borders on the working and excellent AMC Royal Festival and hotels. This property has another kite station Sultan (this kite school is located just opposite the pier pontoon AMC hotel Royal). To distinguish our station is very simple - as you face the sea and back to the hotels our kite station is right, that is, You will pass the first kite Sultan station, and then, in the 70 meters, we will be .. Hotels and AMC Festival we recommend to accommodate, if the purpose of your visit - kitesurfing. This hotel AMC Royal newer and better quality. The distance from it to the kite station - 100 meters, again, came out of the room to the beach, turned right, passed the pontoon, a kite school (Sultan) and passed 70 meters came to us.

For your reference, our travel from kite school to the center of Hurghada (Sheraton Street) is a maximum of $ 10 on both sides (and on the counter and in general 5, except that sometimes get the taxi driver to go to the counter is not so easy :-) )

Vehicles in Hurghada

If you are located far away from the kite station, you can always come to us by taxi, minibus, bus, El Gouna Hurghada or rent a car.

Check in at the kite station is located between Palm Resort hotels and AMC Royal.

The cost of renting a car - 200-250 dollars per week or US $ 300-400 per month. The fare on the bus - up to $ 1, the cost of the taxi - 2,5-5 dollars one way.

We can also arrange transfers for you from both the airport and the hotels of your stay. Contact us by email and we will reply you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions with regards to coming to our kite station, we are always happy to help and tell you all the details that you may be interested.

Come, we are always glad to see you.