Accommodation in Hurghada, Egypt

In this article, we will tell you about the best accommodation options for employment windy sports.

Where to Stay in Hurghada - Hotels and apartments

This type of holiday is the most common and therefore the most easily accessible. Contact the travel company, buying out the tour and arriving in Egypt. At the same time, there are 3 options:

Option 1 - choice of hotel next to the kite station to stay directly in the redeemed Hotel

It's simple, choose the nearby hotels, within walking distance to our kite school - this AMC Royal, Hotel Festival (3 hotels in the same area), Plama Resort (not to be confused with the Palm Beach Resort, which is located 3 km from our kite spot) and Mirage Aquapark.

Hotel AMC Royal - Located 100 meters from the kite school and comfortable rooms newly renovated. However, the hotel area is very small and Entertainment minimum. I would say that this is just the best hotel kite. The distance from it to the kite station - 100 meters, again, came out of the room to the beach, turned right, passed the pontoon, a kite school (Sultan) and passed 70 meters came to us.

Hotel Festival - quite an old hotel, and the numbers it's good enough to be seen, the worse the AMC hotels, but the area is much larger with lots of entertainment and animation. The distance from it to the kite station - 200 meters, came out of the room to the beach, turned right, passed the AMC Royal Hotel, pontoon jetty kite station (Sultan) And they came to the next, our, plant.

Hotel Mirage Aquapark - the newest hotel, within walking distance, is behind the Festival hotels. Since the hotel opened 2 years ago, rooms and furniture of the territory is at the highest room. In the same hotel hosts an annual festival of extreme sports "Russian Wave"

The cost of holidays. Well worth the week-long tour in AMC Royal Hotel is about 500-650 dollars for two, including flights. Upon arrival at the hotel saktsentiruyte note that you kitesurfer and would like a room on the ground floor, close to the kite station. You will be given a great room at a walking distance to the spot.

Option 2 - choice of hotel, remote from the kite station (have to get on the shuttle bus or a taxi)

This option is easier to choose and think about themselves, and to consider it only if the choice of the best (quality) of the hotel, or if all the rooms in nearby hotels sold. Restrictions in price with no form of recreation. The cost of a taxi from the center of Hurghada to our station - 2.5 dollars one way for an ordinary sedan.

Option 3 - selection of the cheapest hotel, but for the sake of buying separate tickets or tickets


The fact is that sometimes buy a tour for 7 days, including flights will be cheaper than buying tickets only. Services surf tours chip set. Come and look for tours, good value at 7-day tour - 200-250 dollars for a cheap hotel (including flights, of course)

If you buy tickets for your date is more convenient, you just buy tickets. Good price for air travel - 120-250 dollars in both directions. Where better to look for - a group in Facebook and in the VC, of ​​which much is enough, please, and we will help you.

And in the first and second cases, you need to find a place of residence, and then we can help you easily. We can remove you apartments in Hurghada, a 10-minute walk to the kite station. For example, the cost of apartment rent Studio is 130-150 dollars, two-bedroom apartment is on the 200-400 dollars. US per month! accommodation (in addition you must pay for water and electricity, another 20-30 dollars). At the same time on the territory of your condominium will pool and small shops.

Well, and luxury holiday option - to stay in a luxurious apartment or a villa right on the beach near the kite station, apartment price will start at $ 1,500 per month.

If you have any questions with regards to coming to our kite station, we are always happy to help and tell you all the details that you may be interested.

Pay us a visit, we are always glad to see you.